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Neurodegenerative Diseases

Neurology and Immunology

A Strong Heritage in Multiple Sclerosis
We have a strong commitment to meeting the needs of people living with Multiple Sclerosis. Our established products, industry-leading support services, such as MS LifeLines, as well as our research collaborations and advancing MS pipeline are ways in which EMD Serono continues to serve the MS community.
Expanding our Expertise in Immunology
Our strength in biotherapeutics and immune-based therapies gives rich possibilities for novel therapeutic approaches in major areas of high medical needs.  
Our research focuses on drugs that modulate key pathogenic mechanisms in rheumatologic diseases as well as autoimmune pathologies.  
In order to find new treatment options drugs we combine approaches that target 
  • T- and B-cell biology 
  • cytokines & chemokines pathways 
  • biology / repair mechanisms 
Important Safety Information
REBIF can cause serious side effects including the following: behavioral health problems including depression and suicidal thoughts, serious allergic and skin reactions, injection site skin damage, liver problems or worsening of liver problems including liver failure. Symptoms may include changes in urine, stool, and skin color, tiredness, confusion, and bleeding. REBIF can also cause low red and white blood cell and platelet counts. Symptoms may include infections, problems with bleeding and bruising.
For complete product details, please refer to the full Prescribing Information and Medication Guide for full disclosure.


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