EMD Serono, USA
Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

R&D Focus and Vision

Scientific Excellence and the Highest Ethical Standards
In order to deliver new high-value medicines, we are committed to innovation in human health care based on scientific excellence and the highest ethical standards. EMD Serono’s innovative research will drive the next wave of new and efficacious therapies for patients with significant unmet medical needs.
Technological Strength to Tackle Diverse Targets
Our research brings a mix of highly novel small molecules, recombinant protein factors, and monoclonal antibodies into the early clinical development pipeline. A broad base of technological expertise allows us to exploit the full potential of both biological and chemical therapeutics.
EMD Serono’s integrated drug discovery process allows for a disease-oriented approach, selecting the therapeutic molecule best suited to treat a specific disease. The objective is to bring the best molecule to the clinic by a clear Proof-of-Concept strategic approach as quickly as possible in order to obtain a confirmed mode of action on patients.
Our research strategy builds upon a strong discovery phase portfolio from both internal research capabilities, as well as external business development opportunities. A network of alliances with other biotech companies and academic groups enriches our disease knowledge and technological capabilities fostering a constant flow of innovations into the organization.
Tomorrow’s Therapeutic Innovations
EMD Serono believes that a healthier future deserves a sizeable investment. The commitment to discovering and developing new therapies reflects the roughly 20% of total sales we devote to research and development activities, each year.
Our R&D pipeline is well-stocked with many promising candidates in our core focus areas of oncology, neurodegenerative diseases and autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. We are also committed to exploring new therapeutic directions that will transform medical science into breakthrough solutions for patients in other areas of high unmet need.